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Portrait by Arnold of young Jack London. We don't know nothing about the dating of this picture (more info at the Bancroft Libr.), but we guess, it must have been a picture after first success with "Call of the Wild".





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Anna Strunzky, Londons unfulfilled love? Maybe at the first view, but there is no thread of evidence for an affair. Anna was his intelligent and philosophical sparring-partner, Co-Author of "The Kempton-Wace Letters" but much too familiar with "city-life" to be a mate for him.
With friends on board of the Sophia Sutherland. The photograph was taken much later, but it shows the ship, young ship-hand Jack took for sailing t Japan. This schooner was the blueprint of Larsen's "Ghost".
With Charmian on board of the Snark. Look for the bow, Jack was so proud of. But unfortunately it failed...
In Alaska? Look for the fur. Look for the clean house. And look at his face. Some people say, that picture was taken at Lake Tahoe, much later.
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